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with a simple blood test
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Introducing Pulmolisa, a simple blood test for the early detection and differential diagnosis of lung cancer developed by Biosystems Immunolab.

Biosystems Immunolab is an in-vitro diagnostics R&D company delivering solutions for the early detection of cancer using its protected protein epitome profiling technology platform for the discovery and development of disease-specific plasma protein epitope panels (multivariate index assays) that can be run on popular validated protein array and ELISA platforms. Pulmolisa is our first product.

Our mission: To improve health by the timely detection of cancer and treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Pulmolisa - providing early answers

Approximately two thirds of lung cancer cases are diagnosed at late stages, when surgical removal is no longer possible, significantly reducing the chance of survival.

The early detection of lung cancer at asymptomatic stages increases survival. The Pulmolisa test of Biosystems is a multiplex ELISA that detects early changes in blood protein features (epitope panel) that indicate the likelihood of lung cancer. The test only requires a simple blood sample that is then processed in a designated laboratory.

Biosystems has obtained a CE mark for the test.

Delivering Innovative solutions

High-resolution protein profiling  – Going beyond simply measuring variations in protein abundance

Popular protein profiling platforms lack the ability to address proteome variability on a global scale. With its patented technologies, the Biosystems’ team provides deeper profiling, going beyond simply measuring variations in the abundance of individual proteins. The increased resolution detects dynamic changes at the level of individual protein epitopes and allows superior monitoring of disease-associated differences. Epitome profiles are obtained using unique monoclonal antibody libraries raised against natural epitopes of normal and disease plasma proteomes.


Protein Atlas

Protein Atlas ( finds strong correlation of a histidine rich glycoprotein (HRG; Uniprot ID: P04196; NCBI Gene ID: 3273;  Omim ID: 142640) blood plasma epitope level detected by the BSI0137 mAb with HDL, LDL, Triglyceride and Total Cholesterol levels.

Collaboration with Ambrichor

Collaboration with Ambrichor: Ambrichor Zrt and Biosystems Immunolab Zrt. signs a collaboration agreement to develop lung cancer screening for blood collection and storage centers and blood donors who are at high risk of developing lung cancer.

Bonitas Investment

Biosystems Immunolab obtains venture capital investment from Bonitás Venture Capital Fund, Fastventures, Ambrichor, and a private investor for the commercialization and further clinical testing of Pulmolisa, Biosystems’ lung cancer test.