Biosystems was founded in 2004 with financing from an institutional investor as Biosystems International SAS by former Pfizer scientists at the Genopole Campus South of Paris, with an affiliate, Biosystems International Kft in Hungary. It was during the time in France that BSI established and validated its epitome profiling platform for the discovery of disease-specific epitome profiles. It was also during this period that Biosystems launched its research program to search for epitome profiles for breast, colon, and lung cancer, as well those for several chronic diseases with both institutional and public financing. During this period BSI also established partnership with Randox, a diagnostic company.

In 2012, Biosystems relocated all of its operations to Hungary and continued its collaboration with Randox to develop the PlasmascanTM and QuantiplasmaTM monoclonal antibody libraries and discovered the value of protein epitopes. Since then, Biosystems has performed the clinical trials that led to the development and validation of Pulmolisa. Recently, Biosystems International received additional financing and became Biosystems Immunolab Zrt. and is currently launching Pulmolisa for the differential diagnosis of lung cancer.