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BSI has a competitive edge: in contrast to competing technologies that provide only quantitative (i.e. concentration) or relative measures of a given protein biomarker, BSI’s team profiles deeper and detects protein variability, thus qualitative changes, that are apparent at the level of individual protein epitopes are also considered.

Since its inception BSI’s mAb based proteomics technology advanced to detect epitomic variation. Epitome profiles are obtained by unique monoclonal antibody libraries that have been generated against natural epitopes of the normal and disease plasma proteomes, via normalized, limited or shotgun immunization followed by mAb mediated expression profiling, targeted and ID screens. The mAb libraries include the Quantiplasma TM library for label free profiling of ≈350 independent plasma protien epitopes and the Plasmascan TM library for profiling of ≈1000 independent epitopes of labelled plasma samples.

Using its protected protein expression profiling technology BSI already discovered and developed epitomic biomarker panels with high accuracy to detect early stages of various cancers and chronic diseases. The pipeline includes lung, breast, colon cancer and metabolic disease diagnostics.