Széchenyi 2020

Investment details:

Beneficiary: Biosystems Immunolab Zrt.

Project title: Development and market introduction of differential diagnostic and screening method for the early detection of lung cancer

(Tüdőrák korai felismerését célzó diagnosztikai és szűrési módszer fejlesztése, piacra vitele)


Introduction of the project: Biosystems Immunolab Zrt. is an in-vitro diagnostics R&D company delivering solutions for the early detection of cancer using its protected protein epitome profiling technology platform for the discovery and development of disease-specific plasma protein epitope panels (multivariate index assays) that can be run on popular validated protein array and ELISA platforms. Pulmolisa, our first product, is a simple blood test for the early detection and differential diagnosis of lung cancer developed by Biosystems Immunolab Zrt.


Funded project budget: 825.000.000, – HUF

Project identification number: GINOP-8.1.3/B-17

Project planned completion date: 2025.12.31.