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High-resolution protein profiling  – Going beyond simply measuring variations in protein abundance

Popular protein profiling platforms lack the ability to address proteome variability on a global scale. With its patented technologies, the Biosystems’ team provides deeper profiling, going beyond simply measuring variations in the abundance of individual proteins. The increased resolution detects dynamic changes at the level of individual protein epitopes and allows superior monitoring of disease-associated differences. Epitome profiles are obtained using unique monoclonal antibody libraries raised against natural epitopes of normal and disease plasma proteomes.

We have developed two libraries for use as discovery tools for the profiling of plasma to detect disease-specific epitope profiles:

The QuantiplasmaTM library allows label-free profiling of ≈350 independent plasma protein epitopes, on the Evidence Platform of Randox.

The PlasmascanTM library allows the profiling of ≈1000 epitopes of labelled analytes.

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Expression profiling platform technology; Lung cancer protein epitomic biomarkers

Pulmolisa was developed based on a selected panel of epitopes from the QuantiplasmaTM library. Biosystems has also discovered and developed highly accurate epitomic biomarker panels to detect early stages of other cancers, including breast and colon cancer, and chronic diseases.